28 February 2007

Beach Hopping in Cozumel


 Life's a Beach!

With more than 10 great beaches to choose from on the island's south-west shoreline, visitors are literally spoilt for choice. From all-inclusive beach clubs with a party atmosphere to more quiet secluded spots with rustic charm - all have toe-tickling fine white sand and clear turquoise Caribbean water.

Beach Club Guide for Cozumel, Mexico.

Beaches are listed in order traveling south from downtown.

Punta Sur Beach on Cozumel Island 


Small rustic bar and restaurant on the beach. Local atmosphere, good value for money.

Facilities: snorkel rental ($10), showers and toilets. Free entrance.

Price guide: Sodas $2, Beer $2.50, Tequila $5, Chicken Fajitas $10, Fish Fillet $13.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 3 miles (5 km)

Lounge style beach club with a swimming pool and clear-bottom kayaks for watching the fish.

Facilities: snorkel rental ($15), swimming pool, clear-bottom kayaks, showers and toilets. Entrance $7 including one drink or $50 including open bar, snorkel rental and guided kayak tour.

Price guide: Sodas $2.50, Beer $3, Fish Fillet $15.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 4 miles (6.5 km).

Famous natural park with lagoon, white sand beach, bar and restaurant.

Facilities: snorkel rental, showers and toilets.

Entrance: $16. $2 discount voucher available from the Park's website .

Distance from downtown: Approx. 5 miles (9 km).

Playa Corona
Small bar and restaurant on the beach a little off the beaten-track. Basic facilities but authentic local atmosphere.

Facilities: snorkel rental ($10), showers and toilets.

Entrance: Free entrance.

Price guide: Sodas $2, Beer $2.50, Tequila $5, Chicken Fajitas $10, Fish Fillet $12.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 6 miles (9.5 km).

Santa Maria (formerly Palm Beach)
About to change management - update coming soon. At the moment they only offer the rental of a sunshade with two chairs for $10 per day.

Entrance: Free and food and drink is available from San Francisco or Paradise Beach next-door. They can also arrange 2.5 hour snorkel trips for $35 with sodas included, or snorkel rental for $10.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 9 miles (14.5 km).

San Francisco
Recently rebuilt, family fun beach. Soft white sand entry into the water, new swimming pool and bar.

Facilities: snorkel rental, swimming pool, para-sailing, jet skis, showers and toilets.

Entrance: Free entrance.

Price guide: Sodas $2, Beer $3, Tequila $6, Chicken Fajitas $10.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 9 miles (14.5 km).

Paradise Beach
Popular beach with well-kept facilities. Friendly service, good food and daily catamaran snorkel tours.

Facilities: snorkel rental, cocktail bar with free internet, kayaks, floating sun mats, trampoline, climbing iceberg, Space walker bungy, showers and toilets.

Entrance: Entrance free, Fun-Passes available for $9 which include unlimited use of most beach toys and snorkel gear. Catamaran snorkel tour $35, 2 hours, drinks included - BOOK TOUR ONLINE .

Price guide: Sodas $2.50, Beer $3.50, Tequila $6.25, Chicken Fajitas $12, Fish Fillet $15.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 9 miles (14.5 km).

Playa Mia
Large theme park style beach with various attractions. Plenty of room for fun in the sun.

Entrance: $12 including beach snorkel tour and most facilities. $35 includes domestic open bar too, or $42 to add a buffet, towel and snorkel gear as well.

Facilities: swimming pool, showers, lockers, toilets, kayaks, hobiecats, paddle boats, volleyball, ping-pong, floating sun mats, trampoline, banana boat, para-sailing, climbing iceberg, Space walker bungy, jet skis and more.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 9.5 miles (15 km).

Mr Sancho's
Beach bar and restaurant with gift shops, horse-riding and ATV tours.

Facilities: snorkel rental, ATV and horse-riding tours, showers and toilets.

Entrance: Free entrance.

Price guide: Sodas $2, Beer $3, Chicken Fajitas $9.50, Fish Fillet $12.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 10.5 miles (17 km).

Beach bar and restaurant with rustic palapa thatch roof. Fantastic grill with fresh seafood straight from the fishing boats on the beach.

Facilities: snorkel rental, showers and toilets.

Entrance: Free entrance.

Price guide: Sodas $2, Beer $2.50, Tequila $5, Chicken Fajitas $10, Fish Fillet $10-15, Mayan Shrimp $18.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 11.5 miles (18.5 km).

Quiet white sand beach with great local atmosphere. Boat-trips to snorkel the island's nearby southern reefs.

Facilities: Snorkel rental ($10), snorkel boat-trips (1.5 hrs $30), showers and toilets.

Entrance: Free entrance.

Price guide: Sodas $2, Beer $2.50, Tequila $5, Chicken Fajitas $10, Fish Fillet $11.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 12 miles (19 km).

Punta Sur
The beach is part of Punta Sur ecological reserve. Entrance to the reserve also includes the historic lighthouse, where you can climb up to see some amazing views, a small maritime museum and eco-bus transport to the beach. A boat
trip on the lagoon is also available for the chance to see crocodiles and other wildlife.

Facilities: showers, toilets, small cafe at lighthouse, Only water and sodas sold on the beach.

Entrance: Entrance is $10, lagoon boat trips $3.

Distance from downtown: Approx. 17 miles (27 km).

Information courtesy of www.thisiscozumel.com

Friday, 03 November 2006

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