If by any chance you don’t like in-water activities, don’t worry, Cozumel Island has something for you too.

Cozumel Island Museum is a good place to start. Breakfast is served in the first floor balcony overlooking the Port. Passenger ferries come and go as tide ebbs and you get ready for that tasty coffee. Different art exhibits are routinely displayed in the lobby, and you may choose to browse artwork while your order gets served. Free adminssion.

After breakfast visit the permanent exhibits on display, which include navigation artifacts exhibit, Cozumel Island geography and environment exhibit, Cozumel Island early 1900’s lifestyle exhibit and lastly, the Mayan dwelling exhibit, where you will get the chance to see how common Mayans lived 1500 years ago. Admission is around $3

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There is plenty of shop-till-you-drop in the vicinity of San Miguel town square, where a multitude of stores will keep any shopper busy for days. You can find everything from souvenir items like T-shirts, coffee mugs and blankets to fine art, high-end pottery & silverware, imports, perfumes and sophisticated jewelry.

On Sunday one of the really fun cultural events is Fiesta Night. No cruise ships are in port and the friendly locals bring their children, dressed in their Sunday finest, to the main square. Live music is played as local young people walk about, closely eyeing one another, while others young and old are dancing and singing. This is a great chance to join in the normal life of another culture. There are few other places left in the world to enjoy such an evening. Ask anyone who has been there on Sunday night and they will tell you that that alone is reason enough to visit this happy island.

If you just want to relax and enjoy the more peaceful side of paradise, try a massage and aromatherapy treatment either in the various downtown SPAs or Oceanside in every other Beach Club.

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