Day 4 - Winward side of Island

Secluded beachIf you head to the windward side of the island, you'll find deserted beaches and laid-back Beach Bars, where sand, sun, volleyball, hammocks, margaritas and Bob Marley are the order every day. Tikin’xic style fish cooked in open BBQs and seafood are served in shaded beach huts. Be prepared for rustic facilities.

If you are up for surfer adrenaline, early morning and afternoon surfing and body-boarding are commonly practiced. Windy days also call for Kite Boarding. Check with local surf shops for weather conditions, sites and planned activities.

To find that perfect secluded beach, Virgin-Beach-Hopping is the soundest choice, renting a 4x4 Jeep; a must. Don’t forget the icebox with beer !!


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