February 2007 - Posts

28 February 2007
Beach Hopping in Cozumel
Life's a Beach! With more than 10 great beaches to choose from on the island's south-west shoreline, visitors are literally spoilt for choice. From all-inclusive beach clubs with a party atmosphere to more quiet secluded spots with rustic charm Read More...
28 February 2007
New Hyperstore Proposed
Mexican supermarket giant, Comercial Mexicana, wants to build a new commercial center in downtown Cozumel, said the island's Municipal Government last week.The hyperstore would be located on land by the corner of 11th Street with the seafront. The Read More...
28 February 2007
News From The Cozumel Consulars Office
News and updates from the Consulars Office in Cozumel. Saturday, 24 February 2007 Summary : Peanut butter recall, Cozumel Office of Tourism looking for volunteers, passport reminder, and a US tax seminar in Merida. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read More...