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28 January 2008
The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis: What You Need to Know About Buying Real Estate
The buzz word phrase that is causing so much sting these days is indeed, "the sub- prime mortgage crisis." With far too many people having made impulsive and unwise decisions over the past few years, the economy is being led toward an unprecedented Read More...
23 January 2008
Carnival 2008 is ready
The new King and Queen for Cozumel Carnival 2008 have been chosen last Saturday evening. Jalil Martín Gaeta and Andrea Chacón Núñez have been voted as the winners for this year's celebration, during the dance and music Read More...
22 January 2008
Puerto Cancun
The last undeveloped region in Cancun will soon be home to one of the largest residential developments in the Mexican Caribbean. Located within the Bay of Isla Mujeres , Puerto Cancun is adjacent to downtown Cancun and the hotel zone on the last stretch Read More...
22 January 2008
Great Condo For Sale in Cancun
Five unit types to choose from • 1,959 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story - $441,824 USD - Unit type A - first floor Cancun, Quintana Roo - The residential complex is a 20-story building with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and Isla Mujeres, Read More...
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22 January 2008
Air shuttle between Cancun & Cozumel
Starting on January 10, 2008, Maya Inn Airlines will resume the air-shuttle between Cancun and Cozumel, with the objective of targeting european tourists arriving to Cancun Intntl. Airport, as informed by Mr. Gaston Cantarel, President of the Local Board Read More...
10 January 2008
Passport Requirement Delayed for Land and Sea Travel
January 9, 2008 Mexico City As of January 31, U.S. citizens will need to present a government-issued photo ID and proof of citizenship to travel to Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean by land or sea. But the proof of citizenship can be a birth certificate—it Read More...