22 January 2008

Puerto Cancun

Puerto Cancun Condos

The last undeveloped region in Cancun will soon be home to one of the largest residential developments in the Mexican Caribbean. Located within the Bay of Isla Mujeres, Puerto Cancun is adjacent to downtown Cancun and the hotel zone on the last stretch of untouched oceanfront. Puerto Cancun will include over 2,100 luxury condominiums and apartments,a Tom Weiskopf Championship Resort Golf Course, a full service mega yachts marina with capacity for over 350 yachts, over 435 gated single family residential lots, five resorts and a shopping center. Occupying over 808 acres, once complete, Puerto Cancun will be a private residential, sporting and resort enclave situated along the water’s edge.

Puerto Cancun is located within the Bay of Isla Mujeres, adjacent to downtown Cancun and the hotel zone on a stretch of untouched oceanfront. Just 20 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from downtown, Puerto Cancun has been strategically designed into the city of Cancun, creating a city within the city.

 The marina will extend into channeled waterways offering residential owners direct access to the Caribbean Sea. The marina will be an important waterfront destination both for residents of Puerto Cancun and tourists. In addition to the private yacht club for residents and residential docks along the intricate system of canals, the marina will serve as host to numerous charter and tour operators, seasonal sport fishermen, transient cruisers and mega yachts. The marina will offer one of the widest varieties of water sports facilities in all of Mexico. From fishing and sailing charters to yacht rentals, the marina will deliver an ocean of good times. Surrounded by a boardwalk of boutique shops, restaurants, bars and access to the golf course, the Puerto Cancun Marina will truly define living a life of magnificence.

Designed by award winning designer and British Open champion, Tom Weiskopf, the 18-hole course will be laid out over 185 acres. A challenging design, the course will include narrow fairways, water features, creative green placement and treacherous bunkers. Overlooking the ocean, the strategic course layout will test both long and short games, for players of all levels. Once complete, golfers will also enjoy the Clubhouse, offering everything from a full service restaurant to a fully stocked pro shop. In addition, exclusive residential opportunities exist for golf property ownership, with no more than 40 golf course lots available for estate homes.

As Cancun’s prestigious hotel zone continues to grow, Puerto Cancun will add 4,000 rooms spread over one mile of untouched beachfront. Set for completion in 2007, will be five world class resorts, including top of the line spa and wellness centers, fine dining, children’s clubs and much more. Resort guests will have the opportunity to play golf in Puerto Cancun’s private golf course, dine along the marina’s boardwalk, rent a sail boat for the day, and shop in the upscale shopping plaza.

Puerto Cancún will offer both its guests and residents unmatched amenities and leisure activities. An outdoor shopping complex will add even more extravagance to Puerto Cancun.

Located on the main canal and adjacent to the mega yacht marina, the outdoor complex will be host to incredible shopping and dining. Adding to the splendor, the center will stretch across to the marina with a magnificent boardwalk that will be home to chic cafes, bars and upscale restaurants.

Real estate ownership in Puerto Cancun offers the ultimate relaxed lifestyle combining the carefree characteristics of the Mexican Caribbean with superb amenities. An ever growing market, Cancun provides a lucrative investment option for buyers, with an unbeatable value.

Boasting the last condominium construction in the area, Puerto Cancun will offer 2,100 condominiums located throughout the development. Ranging from medium density buildings along the golf course to spectacular high rises over looking the beach. Many of the condominiums are located within Puerto Cancun’s mega yacht marina that promotes a nautical oriented lifestyle. In addition, Puerto Cancun boasts the only planned community in Cancun to offer the opportunity to build 20 levels.

Whether buyers are looking for a summer home or a new residence, the residential lots available in Puerto Cancun boast prime location and investment. With over 435 generous, single-family lots overlooking the golf course or water with an individual boat slip for each

waterfront property, the dream of owning a piece of paradise is that much closer. Each

resident with in the community will have access to the exclusive Beach Club and Yacht Club. The two clubs have been designed to provide the residents an additional amenity as Puerto Cancun’s lifestyle. A choice number of lots are available ranging in size from 4,500 square feet to 25,000 square feet from $250,000 to $2.5 million

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I was just thinking about Puerto Cancun and you've really helped out. Thanks!

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Good post, but have you thought about Puerto Cancun before?

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# Yachtcharter Griechenland said:

Good post, but have you thought about Puerto Cancun before?

17 August 10 at 5:23 AM
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