09 August 2008

Real Estate License in Mexico

CEDULA PROFESIONAL (Professional License) is the official recognition of the real estate professional in Mexico. Last year the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP) recognized real estate as a profession. The Cedula Professional can be obtained by successfully completing a college level curriculum at any one of several universities throughout Mexico. Under agreement 286, an equivalency examination has been authorized to be given by CENEVAL (National Evaluation Center for Higher Education.) The exam will recognize prior studies and experience and will cover all of the aspects needed to be recognized as a professional Realtor® Study groups are being formed across the country for the first examination, It will be held in seven different cities. Three hundred and twenty people have registered for the first exam to be given in August 2008. It will be given twice yearly with the second one in February 2009. The Cedula Professional (Professional License) is held by other professionals such as architects, doctors, accountants, engineers etc, and now real estate professionals as well. 

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