October 2008 - Posts

10 October 2008
Tips on how to select the right online Real Estate Agent
A blind date has got to be one of life's scarier moments! Many of us have been the recipient of this form of 'relationship assistance ' at some point in our lives. Although, it's exciting to not know exactly who you will be meeting, the Read More...
06 October 2008
Caribbean Property - Investing in Paradise ?
When many people think about Caribbean property, images of sandy white beaches and lush tropical greenery may spring to mind. However, it is not just these pleasant images which make Caribbean property so appealing. There are many Caribbean property opportunities Read More...
06 October 2008
Mexico emerges as popular property investment for Canadians
Canadian property investors are increasingly investing in Mexico as they regard the US market as not a good prospect at the moment. An increase in the number of flights from Canada to Mexico and a desire to avoid the volatility of the US market means Read More...