06 October 2008

Caribbean Property - Investing in Paradise ?

When many people think about Caribbean property, images of sandy white beaches and lush tropical greenery may spring to mind. However, it is not just these pleasant images which make Caribbean property so appealing. There are many Caribbean property opportunities available which are tailored for investment and anticipated to generate substantial profits for astute investors.

For a Caribbean property to be tailored for investment, there are two important principles which must be followed.

  • Firstly, setup costs must be minimized to allow investment opportunities to be a viable option to most investors. Also, the less your setup costs are in comparison to profit, the higher your return on investment will be.
  • Secondly, profit must be maximized. To maximize profit on your Caribbean property, there are several factors which must be given due care and consideration.

For example, many investors would require that their Caribbean property be fully managed to provide a healthy rental income. Therefore a management agency or company would ideally be setup to maximize rental occupancy, room rate charged and to fully manage the day-to-day running of the Caribbean property and surrounding land/site.

A favorable way for this to be setup is to buy a Caribbean property within a hotel or resort which is run by a well known and respected operator or property manager. This added brand name can greatly benefit the rental potential of your Caribbean property from day one.

Capital growth is also an important aspect to consider. Investors ideally need to conduct research to ensure that they are buying a Caribbean property which will experience sufficient demand for rental and for re-sale. This ongoing demand will ensure that property values will continue to increase and generate a substantial capital profit if and when the investor wishes to sell their Caribbean property.

There are many tax breaks to benefit from on your chosen Caribbean property. On some islands, there are no capital gains or inheritance tax to pay, making buying a Caribbean property a very attractive proposition compared to buying in other countries.

With due care and consideration, investors will be able to buy a Caribbean property which should adhere to all the above aspects and prove to be a profitable long term investment.

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