29 January 2010

Air Canada is beefing up its service by entering seven U.S. markets – including Memphis and seasonal service to Cozumel

As carriers reduce capacity to cope with shrinking demand for air travel, Air Canada is beefing up its service by entering seven U.S. markets – including Memphis.

The Montreal-based airline is adding twice-daily, nonstop, year-round flights between Memphis and Toronto, the company announced Wednesday.

This announcement further bolsters the airport’s status for international service, Cox said. Currently, Memphis has daily nonstop flights to Amsterdam, Cancun, Mexico, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. The airport also has seasonal service to Cozumel, Mexico, and to Vancouver, British Columbia.

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This announcement further bolsters the airport s status for international service, Cox said. Currently, Memphis has a daily nonstop flight to Amsterdam, a daily nonstop flight to Cancun, Mexico and a daily nonstop flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The airport also has seasonal service to Cozumel, Mexico, and to Vancouver, British Columbia. Vicki Rush, CEO of A&I Travel Service Inc., said Air Canada hasn t entered the flights into the air travel system yet, but she nonetheless was excited with the news, calling it fabulous.


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