15 July 2016

Building a 4 bedroom design home in Cozumel Mexico with Cedral

From our very first meeting with Karen in 2007 to our most recent conversation

regarding rental options for our new home, we have come to deeply appreciate our

relationship with Karen and Cedral Caribe Relators & Cedral Homes. When we first

thought about committing to build a home in Cozumel, we knew we would have a

consummate professional on our side in Karen. The decision to build a home in a new

country is never a simple one. For us, it was a five year process. The entire time, Karen

patiently supported our search for the perfect spot, ensuring that she understood our

wants, wishes, and needs throughout. Our search and building process required a

comprehensive understanding of Mexican law, business culture, and real estate

regulations, and a great deal of creativity on Karen’s side as we sought to construct our

house. Making everything easier and more straightforward was Karen’s deep sense of

personal integrity and true sense of caring for her clients. Karen’s concern and

appreciation for the relationships she builds was something we valued beyond her

professional skill set. We believe it is what sets her apart on the island, and we look

forward to continuing to work with her for years to come.

Gill and Ken from Canada


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