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dresolo said:

Through the Lotus Lake, to the broad lawn in the park, here is the ideal place for kite flying. Many adults, children, flying with colorful shapes the [url=]pro beats[/url] kite on the lawn, on kite vacated, visitors can not only relive the fun of childhood, let my heart like a kite, happiness, freedom to fly. Values ​​on the lawn a lot of coconut trees, groups of palm is not only the park, a strange landscape, but also for visitors to cover wind to avoid the day. This does not, you see a lot of people under the coconut trees to get together to [url=]studio beats[/url] enjoy the public self-organized cultural performances, singing, some dancing, some songs the dancers begin with various forms of performances to express the yearning for a happy life, to convey the Dragon Boat Festival the blessing of [url=]beats by dre pro[/url] the festival, singing a happy life, the results achieved by the singing of reform and opening up, singing the motherland a better tomorrow.

Revel in the sweet singing in the graceful dance, nostalgia, time waits for no man, night [url=]beats dre solo[/url] sky, is the sunset afterglow shines in May, Lotus Hill, shining in a golden light, and the main entrance of the vermilion paint the door to [url=]beats by dre studio[/url] each other, "a few characters of the Lotus Hill Park, Yu Yu brilliance.

3:16 AM on June 25, 2012

chrome hearts said:

Free day, I had a very hard upbringing TV drama noble woman, but no matter what I [url=]beats by dre pro[/url] think more carefully how to take care of it, even if it is better than their own, but it is still not satisfied, or blame me, or full of resentment before they die! It is always in the morning with the world farewell, when the <a href="">beats by dre studio</a> sun did not know, gentle wake me, I can see which piece of the lost sheen of the petals, sad, and have no regrets, I'm not dedicated to the resentment ! I was shocked, and the myriad emotions out of a Bay, I'm numb, can not be careful to feel those feelings. I think perhaps I was too selfish, it is not fit to live in [url=]chrome hearts online[/url] my world. No wonder no wonder, no wonder I see the eyes of its Resentment!

At its most colorful times a day, at least ten times leaned over to feel its beauty, its posture, its taste, it's everything! It is in full bloom, alive, but given emotional Haobulicai, elegant sleeping position, so that I can not bear to [url=]chrome hearts online[/url] wake up, my fingertips slightly lifted, quietly falling!

5:06 AM on July 25, 2012

beats hd said:

Slowly loose its petals open when its body is gently jitter I was pleasantly [url=]chrome hearts rings[/url] surprised, I think, perhaps it is to wake up to greet the sun of this world, it may feel my gentle emotion is no longer willing to be sleeping! I am full of joy waiting for it open, guarding its wake! But I was [url=]chrome hearts online[/url] wrong, I am in any way think of, loose gestures it was actually because of its [url=]beats by dre cheap[/url] inability to sleeping, its jitter actually because in the struggle and destiny! I know it is [url=]beats by dre pro[/url] very eager to live the moment, I actually trance feel its sad, that helpless and unwilling!

Its petals quietly, slowly falling! Gently fluttering, my floating child's heart a little bit of [url=]beats by dre[/url] contraction, the body as though they would burst! Landing when the withered petals that moment, my heart like the nuclear bomb, [url=]beats by dr dre studio[/url] compressed moment broke out, my internal organs are fried pieces. That moment of pain, I left an empty shell, I tried very [url=]Fitflops outlet[/url] hard to feel the heart want to force to seize my trace of emotion, but all in vain. I watched helplessly as the petal pieces and fell, taking the time to the soul and with .

5:16 AM on July 25, 2012


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