We are a straightforward group of individuals who work as a team, in order to service your requirements and safely assist you to achieve your intentions and goals.

Cedral Caribe - REALTORS®, also known as cedral.TEAM is composed of one Broker and various Qualified Real Estate Agents, fully qualified to represent you to sell, buy or lease properties, as well as negotiate terms of agreement for the purchase, sale or exchange of real estate.

Agents in Quintana Roo, Mexico, must achieve a state license to engage in these activities legally. It is generally required that all active partners and agents be state licensed real estate agents, in order for a Brokerage license to be issued to a firm.

What are our Agent Qualifications ?

All of our Agents are trained and have a Certificate of Qualification issued by CONOCER under the Standard Protocol EC0277.and/or Standard Protocol ECO110.

CONOCER is the National Council of Standardization and Certification of Work Proficiency (Consejo Nacional de Normalización y Certificación de Competencias Laborales)

  • ECO277 is the Standard Protocol for Service Providers of Real Estate services to buy, sell, lease rent Real Estate in Resort Tourist & Coastal Areas. 
  • ECO110 is the Standard Protocol for Service Providers of Real Estate services to buy, sell, lease rent Real Estate

What are our Escrow & Closing Service Qualifications ?

Our Team underwrites Escrow Services and Closing Services conducted by Ricardo Garcia Corona, who holds a College Degree in Real Estate Commerce. He supplies these services under the Real Estate Commerce License 5978642 issued in 2009. (Cédula Profesional)

In addition, Ricardo Garcia holds a College Degree in Architecture since 1991, and a Master Degree in Real Estate Appraisal since 2020. 

What are our State Registrations?

The Team Agents are individually tax registered, as well as individually Agent registered by the State of Quintana Roo.

  • Delfina        192254EFABACFS001000301 – since 2016
  • Cristina       1916133GF0IA0FS008000405 – since 2016
  • Lidia           10221612HGABB0FS008000421 – since 2020
  • Ricardo       71319FE0II0FS001000105 – since 2015
  • Vanda         in process of state registration 

Our Brokerage Firm is a fully registered as a Mexican corporation with duly appointed Tax registration. Starting in 2015 duly appointed State of Quintana Roo registration 9318AB0B0AMR001000104.

What are our affiliations and Designations?

REALTOR® is a federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate service provider who is member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics

Ricardo Garcia has a international member designation of the Chapter of NAR International REALTORS® starting in 2007, with the NRDS 061217054. Such membership designation awards the license use of the trademark REALTOR and its logo. It also holds the member accountable to strictly apply the REALTOR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in the performance of Broker services.

Cristina Romero has an International member designation with the NRDS 061246192 of the Chapter of NAR International REALTORS® starting December 2018. Such membership designation awards the license use of the trademark REALTOR and its logo. It also holds the member accountable to strictly apply the REALTOR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in the performance of Broker services.

Lidia Juarez has an International member designation with the NRDS 061327551 of the Chapter of NAR International REALTORS® starting December 2020. Such membership designation awards the license use of the trademark REALTOR and its logo. It also holds the member accountable to strictly apply the REALTOR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in the performance of Broker services

Mark Cullinane has an State Agent License issued in Massachusetts. USA. Mark acts as referrer agent and Buyer liason under the Transnational Referral protocol. 

As of January 2022, Vanda and Delfina find themselves in the process to become a member of   NAR International REALTORS®

Brokerage and Agent State Registrations



Real Estate Agent Federal Certifications - CONOCER

 Degree in Real Estate Commerce 


Diploma in Real Estate Commerce 


REALTOR designation



How to become a Broker (Asesor inmobiliario) by Internship in Cedral Caribe REALTORS® ?

Sign letter of acceptance of Cedral's internship program 

  • Assist Cedral's sponsoring Broker as a listing promoter and/or selling promoter in 5 purchase/sale transactions for Cedral. (At least one representing Buyer. At least one representing Seller)
  • Assist as rental promoter under sponsor Cedral Broker supervision in 3 rental agreements for Cedral. (At least one vacation rental. At least one long term rental)
  • Assist Cedral's undwrwriting Broker as assistant underwriter in 5 purchase/sale transactions for Cedral. (At least one representing Buyer. At least one representing Seller)
  • Obtain two Letters of Recomendation issued by any of the sponsor Brokers in Cedral.
  • Complete 18 hour Cedral internship program training course.
  • Obtain ECO277 certification issued by CONOCER


Upon completing the internship program :

  • Apply for and obtain state Registration MATRICULA
  • Apply for and optain REALTOR® Designation
  • Complete Code of Ethics training by NAR
  • Sign letter of acceptance of Cedral Broker designation and representation.

We are growing & recruiting aspiring Brokers into our internship program. If you serious about learning and growing in this activity, becoming a member of Cedral TEAM of Brokers my be in your future. 

Cedral Caribe REALTORS®
August 2017.

What is a REALTOR® ?

The terms salesperson, sales agent, Broker and REALTOR® are often used interchangeably, but have very different meanings.

As a pre-requisite to sell real estate in Mexico, a person must be federally certified and licensed by the State in which they work. That person is referred to as a Broker. In compliance with the Real Estate Services Law for the State of Quintana Roo (2014), these individuals are referred to as "Asesor Inmobiliario con Matricula" (Real Estate Adviser, Real Estate Consultant or Real Estate Broker with registration).

Federal Certification is carried out by several goverment appointed independent certifying entities, which are regulated by CONOCER. Standards of capacity and experience are evaluated, and must be met in order to get a Federal Certification. Upon Certification is issued, certified individuals should apply for state license and become registered services provideres in the State, pursuant the Real Estate Services Law for the state of Quintana Roo enacted in 2014

Salespersons, sales promoters, sales agents, listing agents, or any other similar term, are individuals who lack Federal Certification and State registration. These individuals are basically sales promoters, that often assist a Broker. These agents and promoters hold no legal capacity to act as a Broker by themselves. It is not recommended to engage in a work relationship with a salesperson without an actual Broker who stands behind him; both supervising and being responsible of the sales agent's performance and your legal safety until the total completion of the real estate transaction. By definition, the completion of a Broker's responsibility is deemed completed upon the moment Buyer receives duly executed-recorded title, and Seller receives agreed payment.  The unhappy ending stories that often circulate in social media are in most cases the result of salespersons impersonating Brokers, and well, the results are unpredictable and often dissapointing. Make sure that you ask your salesperson to show you his Broker credentials, or to inform you who his/her broker is. Make sure that you meet the broker and have the Broker be involved in the transaction. Otherwise, we recomended you to find an registered Broker or an Attorney, either of whom will protect and duly represent your interest. Here is the list of Brokers in Cozumel.

In addition to Federal Certification and State Registration, Brokers can also hold a university degree in Real Estate Commerce. Since 2008, and as of November 2017, the only individual in Cozumel that holds this university degree designation works in Cedral TEAM. This designation sets this team member apart from a Broker. It puts him in the same level as a Real Estate Attorney and under full professional liability in case of misrepresentation or malpraxis, pursuant the Federal and State General Law of Profesions (Ley General de Profesiones) 

Cedral Team members have opted to become memers of the National Association of REALTORS® throuth its international Chapter NAR INTERNATIONAL. By doing so, they subscribe to NAR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, which are familiar to our North American base of clients.

The Transational Referral Certification course prepares real estate professionals to make and receive compensated referrals using ICREA Transational Referral System, and integrate international referrals into their business plans.

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