Cozumel Neighborhood

Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

1. Make a list of all of the amenities that are close by in the neighborhood you are considering as your new residence.  Keep in mind what distances and routes to each of these places are acceptable and what are not.

2. Determine what the best features of the neighborhoods are.  This is especially helpful if you are deciding between a few different neighborhoods.

Are there parks nearby?
Is it scenic and visually appealing?
Are there quiet areas, streets, culs de sac?
Are the people friendly in the neighborhood?
Is the neighborhood clean?  Yards, streets, parks?
Are there nice trees and foliage?
Do the lots have large or small yards?
Are there walkways and are they easily accessible?
Is it a safe neighborhood?
What are the market values of the homes in the area?
Are there many houses for sale?
How long ago was the community developed?
What is the average age of the people in the area?
Are there families with small children in the area?
What is the proximity to schools?
Are there community events or organizations?

3. Walk around in the neighborhood.  The best way to determine the cleanliness and friendliness of the neighborhood is to walk around in it and meet its residents.


Community configuration

Cozumel is more vibrant than ever!  There is always something exciting to do or see.  Whether it is taking in a diving trip, enjoying exceptional outdoor activities, driving around the Island or simply hanging out and enjoying Cozumel’s unique culture. It is the people that make Cozumel special.  This is a place to enjoy, live and call my second home.

Isla Cozumel’s urban configuration can be oversimplified to five zones. 

Downtown Cozumel, located in the leeward side, defined as the urban hub of the island. It stretches from the airport (in the north) to the international piers (in  the south). Urban design is based on a grid of streets. Mixed used of land is predominant in this area, where commerce, residential and service areas are mixed and matched randomly. Exclusive residential blocks exist scattered within the Downtown zone are present, and due to this fact, high demand and price are tied to these blocks. The infrastructure (schools, churches, streets, sidewalks, urban transportation) and services (power, sewage, city water, phone, cable) are available randomly. One block may have all infrastructure and services, and an adjacent block may lack half the services and a paved street.  

North of downtown leeward side, which holds the north hotel zone. This part of town has the early hotel constructions built in Cozumel, many of which are 30-40 years old, and whose current trend is to become condo-hotels or condominiums. High rise construction up to 7 stories is permitted. Golf course and marina are located in this part of the island. Iron shore (rock) beaches are predominant in this zone, thus many of the beaches present are “artificial” beaches. High end oceanfront residential is also available on this zone. It starts from Downtown Cozumel and stretches aprox. 4 miles to the north.

South of Downtown leeward side, considered as the newer hotel zone, this area holds thenewer hotel developments, mainly all inclusive resorts. Constructions are restricted in general to 3 stories or less. Ocean front residential areas are scattered around this zone. This zone starts from International piers and stretches aprox 11 miles to the south, up to Palancar.  Sandy beaches are predominant in this zone. Reefs and ocean views are a great attractive to this area.

Transition areas - Rural & suburban & semi-populated, Transversal road, Cedral (suburban town located 10 miles south of Downtown), Mariposa Estates and Pueblo Nuevo,  are rural/suburban settlements that in most cases have scattered residential development. The common denominator is the lack of infrastructure and services, many of which, if present, have been supplied directly by Owners who have settled in those areas. Seclusion and contact with nature and underpriced lots are the upsides to these settlements. Lack of infrastructure and services, plus distance from downtown are the downsides. 

Winward side of the Island absolutely no residential or commercial development is permitted in this side of the island. Predominant use of this side is beach recreation and scattered palapas offering shade, food and beverages to residents and tourists. A derelict three story construction was turned into a eco-friendly Ventanas al Mar hotel in this part of the Island, and is about the only standing construction that exists in this zone. No phones, no power, no sewage or running water, no bus, no cable TV, are available in this zone.

Complimentary Neighborhood Kit

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